2015 non-diet starter

Soon I'll lift more

I’m starting of 2015 without being on a diet. I don’t mean in that way where I specify it’s not a diet, it’s a healthy way of eating. I also am not on a cut, a cleanse, or am fasting. I’m eating a lot and intentionally.

I’m eating to fuel my lifts and get strong. The entire goal is to get new PRs and not need to worry about feeling grumpy due to eating less than my body wants. And also to never feel limited by how I’m fuelling my body.

I’d like to say that doing this made my self esteem super high. I know I’ve put on weight from not caring so much for awhile last year and now eating so much now. I know I’ll likely want to go on a cut at some point but I really wanted to get to just go out and feel strong for now.

Maybe it’s good I stopped weighing myself awhile ago.

To becoming a badass who can meet standards of at least a as a novice (Standards here). Then I can worry about losing bodyfat to look tough.

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